June 2, 2011

Camp Food

With this camping trip, since we were doing an overnight, we got to experiment with cooking in the wild.  I refused any sort of gaggy freeze dried things, convinced we could do better.  Stud is all decked out with a little camp stove, so we could make pretty much anything that involved pots and water.  Stud was all about minimizing weight (it was overnight and only about six miles, I think he was being dramatic), so we had to find something that did not need refrigeration (ice = unnecessary weight), but would still be tasty.  Enter curried rice with cashews!  

Looks delicious, yes?  Well, it was not.  It was very very bland and we couldn’t taste the curry AT ALL.  The spices were a mix of curry, turmeric, salt, sugar, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper.  But the thought was good and I will make this work.  Before we head out next time, we are going to do a test run.  I still have no idea why this was so bland, the spice mixture smelled delicious.  And we might add some freeze dried tofu for protein. 

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