November 5, 2010


Exhibit A
Stud has diagnosed me with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, which apparently is just short of me going too far and being full blown OCD.  Before we put any of our honeymoon and wedding pictures in albums, I chronologically organized all of them - I think that's totally normal and hours very well spent.

But sometimes, I think I might be OCD.  I blame my parents and no worries, they know this already.  My dad has to have things clean.  This manifests in me in my kitchen and bathroom, so a good thing.  Counter tops and the sink must be clean.  And thank goodness for separate sinks in the bathroom - Stud manages to get toothpaste everywhere, and his sink is covered in that white soapiness and mine, well it gets a wipe down every time I use it.  I'm a huge fan of Lysol wipes. 

And then my mom.  List maker extraordinaire and master planner.  Oh man did I inherit this trait.  I depend on lists and my planner.  It was my list making compulsion that led Stud to my diagnosis of OCP.  Please see exhibit A, my grocery list for this weekend (good food to come!), which looks shockingly similar to the lists my mom makes.  Meals are planned, stores listed with items I need from each store along with quantities.  And the items are arranged in the path I take through the store, so I simply go down my list!  It prevents me from missing anything and keeps me from buying, oh three boxes of Dove ice cream bars.  In my mind, lists make my life easier!  I also have a list of things to do this weekend, this fall, this year; a list of wedding presents, their senders, addresses, if they attended the wedding, and if I have sent their thank you note; a list of recipes to try, when I want to try them, and grouped by meal.  At any moment, I can usually pull 2-5 lists from my purse.  Sometimes it can get out of control...but I love my lists.  What can I say.

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Tina J. said...

I'm not OCD but I have a list app on my phone that I love! Currently have 7 lists going... I think it's a girl thing.


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