November 22, 2010


YOU GUYS.  I am officially an aunt!  Stud's sister (still working on a good blog name - I would go with what Stud called her as a child, but I have no idea how to spell it - Awney? Aunney?) and her husband, Numero Dos welcomed their son, the first grandson, and the first nephew, Baby Chuckles last Thursday and everyone is doing so well!  Since I was sick all last week, I awkwardly hovered until Stud cleared me, and yesterday I spent a good hour harassing Chuckles, and giving him a comb over.  He is just so cute I can't help it.  And since I'm not sure if the new parents want Chuckles forever in cyber space, here is a picture of the new proud cousin:

Beau is very comfortable with internet stardom.

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Beth said...

And most importantly don't leave a slice on the coffee table. Even well trained animals, both real animals and people, will not be able to resist.


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