October 13, 2010

The Wedding that Finally Happened

I thought I would do a little recap of what I have been up to since I went on my blog vacation two weeks ago.  As I have already mentioned, Stud and I got married!  Wedding planning came to a peak those last few days before the wedding, but everything went smoothly.  Here are a few happenings from the wedding:
  • Weather - it rained.  Not all day, not all night.  Pretty much just during the ceremony.  Oh well.  We still did get to take pictures outside.  And the ceremony turned into a giant cocktail party so things got moving a littttle late.  Please appreciate the ominous black clouds.  And then check out our ride.
  • Ceremony - was amazing.  Even though it wasn't outside, I loved the casual laid back feel.  Standing room only, the only people with chairs were parents and grandparents.  And my uncle officiated the ceremony and he kept everyone laughing and dried up Stud's tears.  He broke our pact.  NO TEARS.
  • Bridesmaids! - my heroes for the day slash past seven months.  And then they danced with the band.  Amazing moments.

  • Food - Of course my mother the gourmande planned the entire menu (lets be honest...along with most of the details) and she did, along with the chef, an AMAZING job.  Pates, a delicious cheese spread, fresh bread, sirloins, roasted veggies.  YUM.  I did get to eat some, but I wish I could have hovered over the cheese for a good hour.  Oh how the bride suffers! 
  • Reception - It flew by.  Everyone told me it would but I was convinced I would remember every moment.  I have no recollection of who I talked to, what I said or really where I spent all my time.  And I only had a wee bit of champagne! There were so many friends there that I don't get to see all the time and I wish I could have actually held an entire conversation with them.  The biggest surprise - Stud actually danced with me.  In public.  I guess it's a perk of the whole being married together forever thing.  

Go Deacs!
  • Band - They were so much fun!!  I went to a wedding where they were the band last summer, so I knew they were the band I wanted to use because they can get the crowd dancing.  And that they did.
  • Late Night - Having chicken fingers served at 11pm was one of the few things I insisted on during the wedding planning.  I have a sick obsession with them and have since I was about two... Fried food, of course I love it.  Stud and I left soon after, it had been a very long day and our flight for the honeymoon left bright and early the next morning!

And a special thanks to all of my friends who took all of these pictures.  Especially Haudge becuase I know he will appreciate the credit.

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JRoe said...

It was such a fun night!!!!! I'm so glad you all are back and can't wait to hear about the vacay!


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