October 15, 2010

The Best Vacation EVER

 I don't think I will ever go on a vacation that tops our honeymoon. And I'm OK with that. If my honeymoon is the best vacation I ever take, sounds good to me. It was luxurious, adventurous, and just plain amazing. Stud and I spent a week in St. Lucia at Jade Mountain where the service was beyond anything to which we are accustomed. We had our own personal butler. And a box of snacks in our room every afternoon.

The package we booked was all inclusive and also included some additional activities - massages, half day sailing, snorkeling, two scuba dives, a tour of the volcano on the island, etc... And we took advantage of everything the hotel had to offer. Like the all inclusive food and drink. It was really good food and drink.  They never had plain chips, they had these plantain chips which I have never really liked in the past.  But here.  Oh my.  I could not get enough of them.  They sliced them thinly and then fried them up and they had the lightest dusting of salt.  I ate them endlessly.  I also have a new love of cucumbers.  The hotel also had access to two beaches and one had "the best burger on the island."  And I can believe that.  It had this bun made from pita bread that was not fully cooked so still a little bit doughy - so delicious.  I am determined to recreate this.

Plantain chips....amazing.
Best Burger on the Island
The rooms at the hotel were open air, which means we had no AC, but I never felt like I needed it since we had our own infinity pool in the room.  If I was hot, I just jumped in and cooled off.  And it was pretty cool at night.  It felt like we were camping, but in the lap of luxury. 

The hotel also had a rooftop patio where Stud and hung out pretty much every night to watch the sunset and have a drink or three.  This would be followed by a delicious four course gourmet meal at the hotel restaurant.  With menu items like crab and lobster meatballs, or crispy goat cheese salad, or lobster paella, or spicy duck confit eggrolls.  In other words, my body has been struggling this week without the huge breakfast, lunch, tea and afternoon snacks, and four course dinner.  And all day drinks.

But now our honeymoon is over and it's back to work for both of us.  Stud is back in the hospital learning more big words and how to save people.  Important doctor stuff.  And I am back in the office.  I guess it's time to get back to reality.

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Donna said...

I'm glad you had fun at your honeymoon, Alex! My husband and I just got back from our honeymoon as well. We totally had an awesome time at the Panama City beach resorts. It is really nice to be pampered once in a while.

Now that we're back here in Panama City Beach, condo rentals, our business, is our main priority. Thanks for sharing!


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