September 8, 2010

One Finger....Broken!

Kickball is a VERY dangerous sport....

Scenario:  Fragile Fellow (name changed to protect the innocent) is in the outfield.  Fly ball.  Team is losing 9-1.  Mercy rule goes into effect at 10 runs.  FF catches the ball but experiences a sharp pain in his left middle finger.  But success!  Player was out and Team Shabooms went on to only lose 9-4.

Today:  FF broke his finger.  He has mallet finger if you want all the gory details.  That little chunk of bone in the pic above - that should be attached.  Hence FF must wear a brace on his LEFT middle finger (THANK GOODNESS it wasn't his ring finger) for the next eight weeks.  During a certain upcoming wedding.  Whilst scuba diving on an amazing honeymoon.  Can't trust that boy with anything.  He also cut his finger the other night trying to open a bottle of wine.  Needless to say, I hung the new curtain rod over the weekend.  Stud FF is forbidden from using power tools.  And knives.  And corkscrews.  And from playing kickball.

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