June 3, 2010

Swimmies Crisis

When I went to the beach, I came home knowing I needed some new swimmies. Most of mine that still fit (I think I have gotten one or two since high school and they don't fit so well with the college/not playing three sports all the time weight gain) are now getting little see-through spots. Not OK.

So I have been on the hunt. I went to the mall last week and found nothing. It was rather overwhelming and exhausting. I had hoped to find a suit at a store where I could try it on before committing and that does not look promising. I have yet to try Target though so there is still some hope. I was also hoping to find a suit for cheaper (not cheap - cheaper) than $100 for a little swatch of fabric. And the mall was not much cheaper than J.Crew which is what I was trying to avoid. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE J.Crew swimmies, but they are so hard to justify when they are not on sale. I might get a one piece there to hide the tummy on days when I need it (ahem days when I want a patty melt and I want to eat the whole thing and not share a single bite). But again J.Crew, I apparently have a long torso and have zero selection. I find it hard to believe that midget size is the average torso size for America. Get on that please so I have more choices. Stop discriminating against people taller than 5'5". This is MY ONLY CHOICE at J.Crew for a one piece. And it's still $84. Ugh.

So I ordered a two piece strapless from Delia's since I really need a strapless suit (tan lines for wedding is not a good idea) and I hope it fits.  The two piece suits from J.Crew would run me $54 PER PIECE and that I can't justify yet.  I'll wait out the sale.

But I will need at least one more before the honeymoon and I don't know where else to look! My few and far between readers out there, do you have any suggestions??

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