June 29, 2010

Classic Benedictine

Benedictine is yet another delicious local creation.  It was created by a woman named Judy Benedict and it is a spread that consists of cucumbers, onions, and cream cheese.  How can you go wrong?

2 large cucumbers
1 small yellow onion
1 8oz. block of cream cheese
Mustard Powder
Chopped fresh dill

Peel and remove the seeds from the cucumbers and then grate them using a box grater.  I actually chopped them and I don't think I like the chunky texture as much.  I am also going to try making it all in the food processor, but that might make it too smooth.  Set the grated/diced/chopped cucumbers in a colander, sprinkle with salt, and let drain for a few hours.  Stud and I only did about twenty minutes and now our benedictine is soupy.  A shocking amount of moisture will come out of the cucumbers.

Once they have drained, throw the cucumbers, finely chopped onions, cream cheese, dill, and pinch of mustard powder into a bowl and combine.  Add salt to taste.  Easy!

Now, you can serve benedictine in many ways.  The easiest is a basic benedictine sandwich.  It is often paired with bacon (better, duh).  So a benedictine and bacon sandwich or wrap is common as well.  I like to throw some tomato on the sandwich as well.  I have also had benedictine as a dip, with crumbled bacon on top.  That was pretty aaamazing.  You can also just eat it with a spoon.

I would like to credit Haudge with the basis for this recipe.  I made a few changes.  Obviously my recipe is an improvement.  He also wanted his picture on the blog.  So here he is. 

Oh and I finally made more Benedictine using my Cuisinart and actually letting the cucumbers drain for a few hours and I like it even more.  I prefer the smooth texture, but it's a personal choice.  Others (ahem Haudge) might prefer chunkies.

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