March 31, 2010

My Love/Hate Relationship with Home Depot

Stud and I go to Home Depot A LOT. It helps that it is right down the street from my house...but we are very good customers. And I love them. I love the orange aprons. I love going first thing in the morning and every single person asks me if I need any help, and since I am in the Home Depot, that is definite yes. Like I know where to find the caulk. HA.

But there are some things about Home Depot that ruffle my feathers. They try, where ever they can, to take advantage of the lazy DIY-er. The main lesson I learned was DO NOT EVER BUY COUNTERTOPS AT HOME DEPOT. Stud and I did a lot of price shopping for our new bathroom and our contractor had allotted $600 for a vanity. Well Stud can be a bit messy so I had been dreaming of a double vanity. We had the space. But where on earth was my contractor planning on getting a double vanity for $600? I still to this day have no idea. Stud and I found an awesome piece of furniture to act as the base for a whopping $60 which left us $540 for the top and sinks. Off to HD we go. I ask them about undermounted sinks. They tell me it will be $300 PER SINK plus the cost of the actual sink. HAHAHAHAHA. They must think I am crazy. My budget can't even afford sinks - yeah right. Off Stud and I go to McDonald Marble & Stone to check out their remnants. $40/sq.ft. including all finishing - like undermounting the sinks? Wayyy better. And the best part - double vanity with granite top for under $600. Sooo thrifty.
So now I know. Do not buy custom items from Home Depot. We purchased our carpet from a local company and the granite as well. If I put in custom shutters in my bathroom, there is no way I am going to Home Depot to get those.
But I will be there again this afternoon buying some more primer and some screws - the projects never cease.

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